Star Trek Enterprise phase pistol


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Hi ... im new to this forum... and i have to say.... awesome site and awesome work guys and gals....
i have a question... does any1 can gave me a hint how to star build ent phase pistol from scratch... cardboard? paper? some putty or?
Re: Ster Trek Enterprise phase pistol

That's difficult. Not saying you shouldn't try but it would. I love the ENT phase pistol too. Unless you find a mold of it, I din't see how you could build one. You're better off buying one of Art Asylum's phase pistols which are really nice, or one from which is the best quality and based off screen used prop. But, it is a little expensive.

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Re: Ster Trek Enterprise phase pistol

Granted it's not as cheap as DIY, but seems to have the "official" Phase Pistol kits in stock for only $200. :cool

Enterprise Phase Pistol Kit -

Re: Ster Trek Enterprise phase pistol

That's true. You could build one of those but if you want working electronics you pay another 150. SO its up to you.


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thx 4 reply... i could buy replica or ent toy but i want to made 1 of my own out of scratch... i planed to model it in max... unfold in pepakura then make paper model of it and use plexiglass resign... :))
Alright, good for you. Keep us posted. I do suggest that you add electronics to this though. By the way, is this phase pistol going to have the opening cover with the power rods. I know a lot about electronics, if you want to add some, I'd be glad to help you make them.
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