Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge TV Walls on Craigslist


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Hey Guys & Gals,

I was looking through Craigslist and came across this Ad the other day.

It is as follows:

I have all ORIGINAL 6 walls of the Enterprise D Bridge, (3 on left side, 3 on right) all complete though some have ripped fabric or chipped glass panels, each section has 5 thick glass panels with glass LCars plates designed by Michael Okuda, and a red alert panel in the middle. Metal frame, wooden panels fabric covered with glass LCARS and Red Alert glass to be backlit. and were purchased from Paramount along with a lot of other ST props I'm NOT selling. If you buy all three on one side or all six, I will do a deal. TRULY ONE OF A KIND, too expensive to replicate properly, they're also QUITE heavy.

My phone is.........

I would have included the Pictures but I cannot simply copy and paste.
I would have included the phone number and the Craigslist contact link as well but not sure if anyone is at all interested in these?

Plus I made the mistake last year of posting something and for the past year now every single time I log in I have to see the stupid posting reminder screen.

Just thought since it was mentioned as a real Paramount Set peice it might fit in this catagory.

Just kinda funny the things you come across on Craigslist these days.
I know the listing you are talking about. They look really impressive if they are copies, but they look pretty solid. I only saw one picture of the stack though.
Did a quick search for them, choosing Los Angeles as the logical location for something this big. Luck was obviously on my side, as I managed to find them listed under that location pretty quick, posted July 29th. The exact location is Sherman Oaks.
The last two pictures look like they're from the Star Trek Experience in Vegas. The turbolift door looks too wide and the last picture is definitely from the Experience. Rear projected viewscreen and the turbolift door at the front, left area of the bridge. I've never seen the originals, but the Experience sets were amazing in terms of detail. I thought most of the D sets were torched in Generations anyway?
Thanks for the link :)

I watched the episode "Starship mine" from Season 6. In the opening sequence, when Picard walks around the bridge you can clearly see the left/port walls and later in the same scene a small portion of the right/starboard walls.

In both cases, it looks like the LCAR is mounted on the upper right hand corner. The pic on craigslist has the LCAR on the upper left hand corner.

It could be the case that what I saw was not the right/starboard wall in question or the set walls could have changed in late Season 6/Season 7.
Yeah, those walls are not originals from the series. I'm pretty sure they were flamed in '94 to make way for the Voyager sets as I've not seem them anywhere. Shame really
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