Star Trek Discovery - case found


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Equipment geek alert!

There was a screenshot from Star Trek Discovery posted recently, with a very cool-looking protective case in it. I can't believe how hard it was to find. It has latches on the sides...not on the front like most typical Pelican-type cases do.


I finally figured out what the case's the Seahorse SE430. Never heard of the brand before.

But there it is.


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Leave it to Star Trek to find the most obscure things to use for props.

Great find.
Makes you wonder just how much the propmakers, propmasters, and stage hands know we love having props of our own...and that they play a game of making it REALLY tricky to find just the right thing. "Ha ha," they say, "they'll never figure out where THIS is from!"

E Williams

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This image was found by 7seas over on TFW - posted by an assistant director on the show:


Turns out the case has a neat insert in a similar style to that of the medkit and first aid kit with cutouts for a tricorder, communicator, and 3 data cards.

Also, is it me, or does it seem like they might have used the gunmetal grey version of the case instead of all black? Color in episode screencaps is somewhat hard to go on with how much it's digitally tinkered with, but a straight up behind the scenes cell phone pic should be a little more reliable -- and here the grip (admittedly mostly in shadow) looks darker than the case. Maybe the photo is just overexposed.


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It does look dark grey. Dang. Going with the black case, because I already have it :rolleyes:
Thanks for posting the photo, also like the ‘metal’ inserts. Now all we need is a good photo of the asset tag


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Thanks for that. Just picked one up in gun metal grey. Shipping to the uk was a bit steep but when it arrives I can put my laser tag phaser in there


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Thanks so much for finding this! Itll hold my other disco props nicely. Found the round decal on ebay...has anyone found the rectangular label?