Star Trek Coolectibles of Back In The Day


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I am and always will be, even beyond my death….a Star Trek The Original Series and by extension TOS movies fan. For me, Captain Kirk the space cowboy and womanizer…was and is the Man. At least while William Shatner still has a pulse.

There are different types of collectors….. 1) the packaging collector 2) the display collector 3) the packaging and display collector. Perhaps I missed a few.

I used to be a packaging and display collector…. That is to say I would buy 2 of each thing, then bust one out of the package to display, and one left in the package hoping to sell it at or above what I payed together for both things, making my displayed thing “Free” as it were. Hopefully that makes some sense.

Over time and the hassles of trying to sell things (the duplicates) …. I just stuck to being a display collector, that is to say I only buy single things to display, not double duplicate things.

Anyway….. below are pics of my Star Trek figures, props, ships, etc….primarily from Art Asylum, Diamond Select, Playmates, Hasbro, Hallmark.

I have a few more still to open and shoehorn in from these last few years….perhaps someday I’ll post the collections with the most recent updates.

I have several other types of collections….but I’m limited on display shelving….and so I rotate collections throughout the year.





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