I am currently watching the newest season of Picard (S3). In the first episode, when Admiral Picard goes aboard the USS Titan, he and Riker get piped aboard, which is accurate with modern Navy tradition; I'm in the Navy, so I find these details fascinating! As soon as I saw the Boatswain Pipe prop (which has been seen a few other times in the universe), I knew I had to make it! I also wanted it to be fully functional with a real pipe inside (it roughly looked like the correct shape and size) and have functional lights. As this is my second real prop, I did some research and had to learn how to solder. I 3D modeled and printed with black PLA for the body and clear PLA for the lenses. The lanyard is just going off of the minimal footage from the episode and a very basic version of what they look like in the modern Navy, and they're generally white or blue. For all the decals, I used a Cricut, pushing it to its limits due to the decal's small size. I, unfortunately, was not able to write the text in the bottom square "Star Fleet R&D/ San Fransisco/ Model: SM - Type" due to the slightly reduced scale to fit the actual pipe, I wish I could add it, but I'm not sure how to write that small. Overall I had a great time making the prop and find it super satisfying to have a little piece of star trek history! I could've done without all the sanding though.



Great job! (y) This project must resonate with you on many levels, as the research and results you‘ve put into it are impressive.
Any chance you will do a small run of these?
I definitely thought of the idea! Now that I know exactly what I need and already made all the changes to my model it’d be much easier. I think I need to figure out getting a better pre-sanding finish like with a resin printer before I do, but I’ll post on here if I do.
Awesome! I believe they used the same design in the original movies though I think Wrath of Khan had a different design. If you do a run, let us know!
The one used in Khan was quite dull and not nearly so elaborate.


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The one used in Khan was quite dull and not nearly so elaborate.
Ohhh interesting, that’d be easy to do!! I do like the fact the the newer version is the perfect shape for a real pipe. It’s a perfect translation to the universe. And I will definitely let everyone know, it looks like I will, the source I got the very specific buttons from ran out some how so I’m sourcing them from Aliexpress and should be here in a little less than a month, but that’ll give me plenty of time to test some stuff out!
To me the photos clearly show the prop having a grey plastic fipple exactly like plastic pennywhistles have. It's not a just a tube for air to pass through, it's the windway, window, and blade which create the sound.


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