Star Trek Attack Wing (and other tiny Trek ships)


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I've been collecting Star Trek miniatures since the 80's FASA miniatures were for sale and they were lead! haha I collected the Micro Miniatures, and now am collecting the Star Trek Attack Wing starships.

My question is this. Have any of you had luck printing these size Star Trek starships on SHAPEWAYS? I would love to find vendors and people who are producing STAR TREK ships but finding them is the problem. Searching for items on Shapeways is terrible.

Anyone here purchased any TREK ships from any 3D printing source with any luck? Especially at this Attack Wing scale?



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That's good info. Thank you! I'll check those out!

If anyone else has a great source for these smaller Star Trek miniatures, please post here.



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I'm in the same Boat (no pun intended). I have all the FASA miniatures myself. Some were fantastic in design, and some... I haven't really messed with the Heroclix type ships, I am picking up quite a few Eaglemoss ships, which unfortunately I've found can be hit and miss on accuracy. I've already warned my wife that in about 10 years, the way 3D printer home technology is advancing, And with the prices coming down to reasonable levels, we'll have lot's of little starships all over the house.


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"Eaglemoss ships, which unfortunately I've found can be hit and miss on accuracy"

Which federation ships would you say are good and which are not?


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Which federation ships would you say are good and which are not?

The Akira Class ship I thought was perfect. Good detailing, nice form and no major flaw distractions. I uh, play with it a lot. :)
The Ent-A? Dreadful. The color is very off, the use of transparent pieces are bad and devoid completely devoid of aztec patterns.
The Ent-D is somewhere in the middle.


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Agree about the Akira Dead on, and the pics of the Steamrunner (Coming in January) looks like they nailed it. Let's see, here are the ones I have ( I have severl versions of the ususal Trek ships, I'm going for the ones no one had done, or were limited/hard to get) Here are my takes on them -

Klingon BOP - Very Nicely done, I Have a whole BOP shelf + in my book case and it fits in nicely
Klingon K'Tinga - Real home run, the detailing in phenominal. It looks ready to fly around the room blowing stuff up.
Borg Sphere - Over all very nice, again lots of fine details. The clear green plastic pieces are the only things that kind of cheapen it a bit.
USS Excelsior - It's OK Over all, my main complaint about most Excelsior models is that they streamline her fat gut. She's supposed to have a fat gut that gives her a feeling of strength, like a juggernaut. Detailing and paint is OK, but they could have done better IMHO
Akira class - Home run all the way, I bought 2, that says it all.
J'em Hadar cruiser - again nice detailing, great design.
USS Equinox - Got this one right like the Akira.
USS Dauntless -Like the Akira this one is fun to fly around the room in your hand going "Swoosh" Like you're a kid again.
Bajoran solar sailor - Mine came broken, but over all a nice job given the difficulty. I'm going to repair and enahance it with some Gold mesh when I do.
USS Stargazer - BIG Disappointment. Constellation class ships have 2 extra decks wedged in the saucer. They did NOT do this, so while it's streamlined it was NOT the ship I was hoping for. The rest of the detailing is great, but the omission of the decks makes it a miss.
Krenim Temporal ship - Another home run. The way it sits in the stand is a bit wonky but given the size and design it's understandable.
USS Nebula - Another miss, the nacelle struts are...bent and bendy when they could have been more solid, and the over-all look is just, off.
Xindi Insectoid - Right on the money, great ship design and they really got all the details right. I want more Xindi ships done this well.
USS Prometheus - I have the Furuta version, which had some mistakes, this one has none. The ONLY gripe is that it doesn't split into 3 ships, I mean Guys...MAGNETS HELLO.
Tholian -- this is the Enterprise version which I like better, another one to fly around the room, Great Micro detailing.
Enterprise Romulan BOP - Again a hit, great detailing, and really menacing, more so than TOS-BOP, which was everybodys gripe about Enterprise, the Romulans shouldhave been flying Bricks in the Enterprise ERA, Thanks OBerman.
Maquis fighter/Jem Hadar Fighter. I have these side by side, both are excellent.
Nausican Fighter - Another solid production, cool design, great detailing.
Valdore - One of my favorites, they really nailed it, and just a great design, makes the D'deridex look like a station wagon next to a Ferrari.
Runabout - Another hit great detailing, and some parts of the design I didn't know due to that detailing.
Surak Class - Love the Vulcan "Ring" Ships, and they got this one right. Can't wait for the D'kyr coming in January.
Enterprise 2152 Klingon BOP - Again a solid take on this ship, love all the extra weapons on her.
Oberth - USS Grissom - Ummm it's OK, but a bit on the "Fat" Side. Oberth class ships have that Speedy vibe like a sportscar and this one is just missing that. Again like the Nebula, something is just off.
Enterprise Andorian Battlecruiser - Unusual design but they conveyed it well, looks ready to throw down at any moment.
Delta Flyer - Over All Ok, but that's's just OK, I think they could have done better, Conveyed her Sleek lines a bit better.
USS Pasteur - Good solid production of this while not beautiful ship, she is noticible.
This month - Soon the Negh'Var and Enterprise C will be here, I'll keep you posted.


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I also found the game science federation ships to be excellent. They are rare to find now though. I was a huge Star Fleet Battles player years ago playing the Federation and won several gaming tournaments long ago.
I have the Eaglemoss Prometheus. I have the Enterprise D, D refit, Enterprise B, Excelsior and Reliant on order. Want the Enterprise E but the are getting expensive on the secondary (eBay) market now.


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Well I've caught a couple reviews, and on the Enterprise-C THEY FORGOT THE FREAKING IMPULSE ENGINE!!! Holy Crap Eaglemoss how do you do that?

Tripoli, The Flying is Re-stocking the Enterprise - E in September.
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I have found a few miniatures, but wow. There really isn't much out there beyond the Star Trek attack wing, and Star Trek micro machines. Those sizes are hard to find.

Darn. This is more difficult that I had thought. Finding these ships!
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