Star Tours signage


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I decided to give my office a theme: Star Tours!

I have an R2 and a Stormtrooper and various Disney related stuff. I thoughtStar Tours would be a good way to tie it all together. I am putting the finishing touches on the sign. Should have it all done this weekend.


This is awesomee I love anything star tours...... this looks really cool though can't wait to see it finished
Thanks! The white is MDF and the lettering and logo work is 1/8" Masonite.

Here is a pic of my R2 and my Stormtrooper.


R2 looks awesome! i always wanted to get a R2 but had no idea how/where to get it.. LOL hopefully lego will release their intended R2 UCS and i will be a happy man!
Thanks, I was at DW this summer and I used this photo as my model.

Mine is actually about half scale.


I got the background and the lettering painted. I need to do the white border I'm the back piece still.


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I was able to pick these up on eBay. I think they gave them away at the opening.


It's kind of like a travel brochure. I would love it if they were bigger. Each piece is an 8x10. The artwork is pretty neat. I think they are nicer than the McQuarrie art they had before.

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They say each time is totally random, but I dont buy it. I rode 6 times this summer and had 3 unique adventures. I was in the fast pass lane each time.

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