Star-Lord's Vest?

Does anyone out there make a decent version of this vest?


I've seen this one on Ebay:

but frankly it looks pretty bad.
No other options available? Looking to have a Star-Lord build for Halloween but here in Houston it is always possible that it could still be in the 70's (or worse) come October 31st and was hoping to have a fall back option in case it was just too warm to wear a leather jacket all night.
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There's an RPF member that is planning to do a run eventually. (I might be helping out with researching the details on it.)
Hopefully that will happen between now and the summer.

Otherwise come August I may have to just get the (bad) one from the ebay seller and try to mod it myself... And frankly, my tailoring skills are slim to none.

That said, I suppose it would be passable for a Halloween party if I could swap out those oversized/wrong color straps and get the shoulder width adjusted down to match up a bit better.
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