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Interest Star Lord's LOCK PICK

Discussion in 'Project Runs' started by JOATRASH FX, May 19, 2015.



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    Since everyone seems to be happy with my map gun kit I thought I'd seen if there is any interest in a kit of the little lock pick device Peter Quill uses to open the temple on Morag.

    I have found a suitable flashlight to build the kit around, so my intention is to make a kit that is part metal and part plastic, with both flashlight, outer sleeve and (if needed) lens included. (The parts between the green brackets in the photo.)
    Note: The thing I will probably not be able to supply are the "pins" in the front, mainly because there's no good way to manufacture them exactly the same in multiple copies and keep them durable. I will TRY to find a way to do them but I can't guarantee it, so if you sign up, please keep this in mind. In the end it may be that folks will have the easiest time by making them out of thin aluminum tubing and bits from old electronics (CD players, VCRs and so on) which can be purchased a LOT cheaper locally than if I included it. Either way the handle will come pre-bored and ready to accept pins and tubes.

    The kit will take a AAA battery and be very easy to assemble.

    I realize this is a rather obscure prop, so even though it's a cool little "functional" prop, I don't imagine there is that much interest, but taking into account the work and supplies involved can probably do them for $65-75 shipped if we can get at least ten people signed up. (If you combine this with another kit, like the map gun, you'll save maybe $10 on shipping.) If you want one, please chime in, but due to the minimum needed I kindly ask that you only do so if you if you intend to follow through. Signing up is committing to getting one unless I completely drop the ball on this (pending pictures and so on)! I'm super-pressed for time and can't waste any of it on a run that goes nowhere or chasing down signups that suddenly start ignoring messages. Those of you that know my work already know what kind of quality aims I have.

    I can probably have a prototype ready within a week or so. IF this run is to happen it will have to be fairly soon so that I can guarantee a sufficient supply of the flashlights I need, because they can run out at any time and are not likely to be restocked.

    Thanks all!
  2. renaissance_man

    renaissance_man Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I may be in for one of these pending further pictures.

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