Interest Star Lord Vol 3 T-SHIRT by Magnoli Clothiers

Indy Magnoli

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Who would be interested in a run of these shirts? Guessing the price would be around $60. Sizes will be from Small to XL (maybe XXL if the demand is there).

Let us know and if enough guys chime in, we'll get started right away!

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is the material different from the infinity war shirt? Cause I did not liked my infinity war shirt and sold it..It was a bit too slim for me..I am sure thats just me :lol:, I am picky with shirtso_O I like it a bit more "loose" but in the same time not too loose :rolleyes: you know what I mean? haha


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If you don't want to wait, here's one that's been available for a little bit. I got one and it's really good too. If you can't wait it's the best option I've seen.

But this project seems super movie accurate, I'd be interested for sure
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