Star Lord, Peter Quill, Nagano's build. COMPLETED with Pics!!


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Hey all, some of you may remember my thread last summer where I put together a "short jacket" version of Star Lord in just 20 days time. That was to get ready for Wizard World Chicago last August. Since then, I have taken my time this year to make a proper Star Lord costume. I will be debuting the costume at C2E2, on April 25th in Chicago. Below, I have detailed some of my progress. There are more pics to come. This is just what I had on my phone right now.

I started with one of Danny's long coats. I decided to remove the bracer piece and arm detail that came with it. The bracer just doesn't look right to me, and the arm detail hit around my elbow, making movement very restricted. I kept the shoulder pauldron, but secured it down with some Velcro. (pics soon)

I have since purchased a proper bracer from a seller on Etsy..
Bracer1.jpg Bracer2.jpg
I have not received it yet, but I think that I will be happy with it.

For the pants, I went with these from amazon.
They are super soft and comfortable, surprisingly so. They are also tight and form fitting and have a lot of great stitching detail. I am very happy with them.

The Belt is a Nova Props kit. It was super simple to put together, the stitching was easy, and I found the video tutorial extremely helpful. The leather is great quality and really soft.
I may still have to do some weathering on the buckle with some paint.

For the holster pads, I cut out a design on felt, and used contact cement to attach some foam strips. Then I covered the whole thing with some calf leather and secured it down with spray adhesive. I then used the saddle stitch that I learned from making my Nova Props belt to add some detail to them. I then sewed them directly to the pants. The holster clips are from Shapeways and I attached them with some Chicago screws and rubber washers.
Pad1.JPG Pads.JPG Holster1.JPG

When it came to a Walkman, I didn't want to break the bank going for an actual TPS-L2. So, I was able to find a good deal on a similar model for only $30 on ebay.
Here it is compared to the Walkman that I was using last year..
Its mostly in working condition, but I will be leaving the batteries out of it while at the Con, so as to cut down on weight. It takes 4 AAs! That can get heavy.

I also got my Boot Spats from Danny's run. The look of these is great, however, the straps didn't fit me at all. The ankle straps were super long, and the calf straps were way too short. So I cut them all off and replaced the buckle straps with some Velcro straps that I made. Im pretty happy with them, the black straps camouflage nicely with the boots that Im wearing under the spats and don't draw the eye. Plus they are adjustable for a snug fit. (pics soon)

Im using the same Nerf guns that I had previously made last summer.

But, I bought some new boot rockets. They are 3D prints from Etsy. They are not perfect, but they were about half the price of any other boot rockets that Ive come across. I still need to paint and mount them. Just waiting for some dryer weather. I took this pic next to a shoe for size comparison.

Last but not least, I was able to snag one of Montified88's bags (knapsacks?) These look freaking amazing and I cant wait for it to arrive. (pics soon)

I will keep you guys updated with my progress, I hope to take some more pics this weekend. Let me know if y'all have any questions. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Star Lord, Peter Quill, Nagano's build.


I received my Knapsack over the weekend. Unfortunately I also came down with the flu so I didn't end up taking any full costume pics yet. But I got some detail shots for you.

Here is the bag in all its glory..
Bag.JPG Bag2.JPG Bag3.JPG

The details on this are ridiculous. Fits perfectly too. Plus, the bag has a lot of nice interior space for my Orb and baby Groot, or any number of things I might pick up at a Con.

Here are the straps that I described earlier that I made for my boot spats. Just thought I'd get a close shot of those.

For the gloves, I found a nice pair by doing a google image search for Engineer's gloves. Then, once I found a pair I liked, I traced the source back until I found a brand name. Then I just found the brand on Amazon and was able to order them there. Heres a Link
And heres a pic I took at home..
They are not as pale yellow as in this pic. Plus, its hard to see, but Ive been weathering them with dirt and ash. They look pretty good up close.

I have a few different options for Shirts right now. The UnderArmour long sleeve thermal shirt that I wore last year, looks really nice. Its got the same kind of collar, and a waffle-like pattern to the shirt. Its a bit too saturated in blue color, however, and its biggest flaw is that its a thermal shirt and therefore can get really hot, especially under a leather coat. I had also bought one of the plain Hanes Ts from Amazon that some other people have had in their threads. I was not happy with this because I found them too blousy when tucked in. So I sought out a slimmer cut shirt. I found a good one at Kohls. Its a nice cross between heather grey and blue and is very light weight.

That's all for now, Ill post more when I get my bracer in the mail, shipped today, so should be pretty soon.


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Re: Star Lord, Peter Quill, Nagano's build.

Everything is completed and painted, ready for this weekend. However, I have upgraded my headphones to a more screen accurate version since taking this pic.

Final1.JPG Final2.JPG Final Back.JPG

Ill take some more pics at the Con. Let me know if anyone needs a closeup of anything.


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Here are my new headphones, I may modify them down the line to make them look more like the MDR-5a's. But for now, these are a big upgrade from my last pair. I also have some new earpads coming in the mail. The ones on there are a bit faded and have indentations left from where the previous owner wrapped the cord around them.


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I got them from a craft store. It's just a Velcro strap that has one side hooks one side loops. I believe they are usually used to secure a rolled up blanket or sleeping bag, etc. the ones I got were too wide so I had to cut them down lengthwise. However, I later saw a thin version at a cvs drugstore a few weeks later.
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