Interest Star Lord Leather Boot Spats


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So, here we go again... another leather Star Lord accessory!

The templates are actually ready for this one, I just need to get a prototype out. Haven't priced this yet either, but starting an interest list. This kit will be for screen accuratish spats. The leather used for the calf piece is thicker and will maintain it's form... no wrinkling. The kit will also include the posts that would be mounted to boots. I will NOT be making an "all in one" wrap around to replace a boot, but these could be modified to fit that kind of set up with minimal effort. I don't have a timeline for these, but I'm hoping to have something to show in the next couple of weeks. A discount will be available for anyone purchasing my other projects.
The belt run was more successful then I anticipated. Because of this, this is going to be delayed with no ETA. Keep checking back for updates, though.
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