Star-Lord Helmet??

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by WazzaSmithy, Sep 2, 2015.

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    Was wondering if any Star-Lord cosplayers could recommend a good, full Star-Lord helmet(not just one that straps around your face like a kids toy)

    I bought one made of resin not long ago and it looks great but it just uncomfortable to wear and the padding did not suit any head, it was closed off to the point that my niece could just barely squeeze into the fitting(shes five).

    Please post links to any helmets for sale now, I am not looking for custom builds or DIYs, just a ready made product.

    I look forward to the responses :)

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    TheRocketeer is finishing his final run of Star Lord helmets in the project run subforums, it's $245 for the helmet and another $250 for paint and finishing.
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