Star Lord Costume - Take 2

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    Greetings again ladies and gentlemen!
    It's been a while since I have posted in the forums, but I return once more with a new thread on my updated Star Lord build. My last attempt was not bad by any means, but I have learned a lot since then, and I am excited to try out new techniques/ideas.

    To give an idea of what I would like to accomplish, I am going to give somewhat of a rundown of my last build, so bear with me and enjoy the pictures.
    GOTG Premiere 2.jpeg
    My first Star Lord costume was part of a group of costumes I made to go to the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was a lot of fun. Admittedly, there were a lot of flaws with some of my work, and I deeply regret the... unflattering... shirt I chose to accompany my ensemble. Still, there was some good work, including a foam prop Walkman,an excellent vest created by my beautiful girlfriend, and a fairly well detailed orb.
    Foam WALKMAN - Pre-paint.jpg Orb - Pre-paint.jpg Orb - Post-paint.jpg
    There was a helmet that I had made to accompany the costume, but it just was not ready by the time of the premiere. Here it is on a separate occasion.
    Beauty Shot.jpg
    Since that last picture, I have taken a great many steps towards a new kit. I have tinkered with a lot of the miscellaneous pieces of his costume, including the ear pieces his helmet disappears into in the movie.
    Foam Earpieces - MK I - Beauty Shot.jpg Foam Earpieces - MK I.jpg
    I'll be taking another stab at those and a number of other items using some 3D models I have converted to workable foam files on pepakura as well.
    Ear Piece Pepakura.PNG Belt Ring Pepakura.PNG Electromagnet Pepakura - Center.PNG Electromagnet Pepakura - Flap.PNG
    The same goes for the helmet, which I have been working rather studiously to revamp. Here are some photos of the original, a failed iteration, and the newest iteration that I have been working on (in sequential order).
    Helmet - Re-working 2.jpg Helmet - Re-working 1.jpg Helmet - Re-working 6.jpg Helmet - Re-working 5.jpg Helmet - Re-working 7.jpg Helagak Pepakura Model.PNG JF Custom Pepakura Model.PNG Unknown Pepakura Model.PNG Helmet - Latest 3.jpg Helmet - Latest 2.jpg Helmet - Latest 1.jpg
    And lastly, I picked up a jacket at a local thrift store that I plan on modifying to closer match the one from the film. I realize it is a women's jacket, but with any luck there will be no way to tell that by the time that I am done with it.
    Jacket Find - Back.jpg Jacket Find - Front.jpg
    In addition to all this, I plan to modify some nerf blasters, do some leather work on the spats and whatnot. This is going to be a more long-term build, so there may be some lapses in updates, but bear with me, and I promise great things.
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    Of to a good start! FYI though, he only wears one earpiece on the right ear.
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    Was about to say the same thing!

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    Good to know!
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    Continued progress! I've made a lot of headway on the helmet, and at the moment I've primed it for sanding.
    20150823_104236.jpg 20150824_100153.jpg 20150827_174554.jpg
    I've also made for myself Star Lord's belt from foam and acrylic, I'm quite happy with the results indeed!
    20150912_160826.jpg 20150916_214259.jpg 20150919_113822.jpg 20150919_131515.jpg 20150920_092738.jpg 20150920_092732.jpg 20150920_092743.jpg
    I think the next major bit shall be the spats and rocket boots. I hope to get to them very soon!

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