Star-Lord build for Halloween 2015

When my wife watched GotG (for the first time) last week and decided that we would be Star-Lord and Gamora for our party this year I thought "Great!".

That was before realized just how much work ( and $$$) would be going into these costumes. ;)

This thread will be to document my Star-Lord build over the next seven months, I'll likely open another one up to cover her Gamora build as well.

What I have done so far:

Found this pair of leather motorcycle pants (for $36!) which while not screen accurate do have a ton of stitch work and detail to them. Best of all, they fit me like they were tailored to my frame. I'll probably also end up with a second pair of dark denim pants that I may try to modify a bit but frankly I am not much of a tailor so that project will likely be more a of "learning experiment" more than anything else.


Ordered this version of the Jacket. Sent them my measurements and is being custom made . Should arrive in a week or two and I will hopefully have some idea of the fit then. It's the most expensive item on the list but I can (sort of) justify it due to the ability to wear it as a jacket outside of cosplay/costuming. Because of that, I will probably not make any alterations to the jacket which cannot be undone so any additions will have to be detachable. I am thinking possibly magnets sewn into the lining could be used to attach a version of the shoulder badge and arm valve.


Found this shirt online (at Macys) for$10. While again, not screen accurate, it does look to be a good color match. I'll get a better look when it arrives.


Found these Sketchers on sale for $25. Will be changing out the laces and darkening the stitches with black shoe polish.


I've also grabbed a pair of Nerf Blasters for $15 each that will be broken down and repainted. Currently doing research on the paints I'll be using.


Currently going with this Walkman that I snagged off Ebay..


Probably won't re-paint it but I may still do something to make it a bit more like the TPS-L2.

I own the Solidoodle Press and Form 1 3D printers through my business, so I'll be running off some pieces on my them for the Earcuff, Orb, belt rings and arm patch (That Ein so kindly built and posted to Thingverse), a belt buckle from zM3M0n7lxJMe' s file and a pair of boot jets based on the models that xMENNENx has shared.

Decided to go with a helmet build after all. More to come on this.. .

I'll also be attempting to make/modify a pair of Half Chaps and belt from PU Leather (again, tailoring practice/experiment) and see just how close I can get to something decent.

Any way I look at i though, it's going to be an interesting seven months for me between now and Halloween.
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Managed to snag this..


Not a TPS-L2 by any stretch, but should look 90% of the part after a bit of customizing. Best of all.. Still works perfectly.
I'm actually doing the same thing for this Halloween as well, so I will keep and eye on this thread :). (Also if you want a cheap and fast mast, get the plastic on from the costume store and just modify it a little to make it look more movie actuate)

Good Luck on your build!
Well, the jacket I ordered arrived today. Pretty disappointed with the fit.


Jacket is way too wide in the waist and there is some sort of padding in the shoulders that makes them fall "flat" rather than rounded.

Sized as an XXL due to my chest measurement (46") but the jacket looks like it was cut with the waistline nearly at the same size with almost no tapering at all. So it hangs like a bell on me rather than coming in line to my waist (35").

Color is also a really bright red that someone just smeared a dark stain haphazardly all over.

Definitely going back.
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Looks like my plans for the TCM-600 have changed.

I just snagged this piece to use instead..


Considering making a mold of the black outer casing parts and casting copies of them that I can paint in the TPS-L2 Blue. That would allow me to have a more "screen accurate" looking piece while still being able to revert the player back to its original state whenever I choose.
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Decided to nab a pair of these pants as well to wear in case it is just too hot to wear the leather ones.


Should have them in a few days and will know more about the look/fit then.
The pants work great. Just be prepared to literally peel them off after a day of con walking.

Got to be better than wearing my leather ones all day :)

Did you modify yours in any way? I am considering adding some striped panels up where the holster pads will go to make it look just a bit closer to the movie pants.
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