Done / Completed Star-Lord Blasters - Full Size Resin Replica Kits

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Due to more heightened interest in another version of the kit I'm offering, this run is closed. Star bored has also been transferred to the other run which is actively under way.


Joining my fellow prop makers out there, I proudly present Star-Lord's Quad Blasters in all its glory! It's been a dream of mine to produce high quality props for the masses and this wonderful forum has brought that possibility.


First and foremost, I'd like to say that I don't accept PayPal and I apologize to all those who prefer it. I just feel there is a large disconnect between buyer and seller when using PayPal and I, for one, would like to avoid any headaches and distrust with my base. So, having said all that, I only accept orders through my Etsy store where orders are safely taken, processed through their Direct Checkout, and shipped out. I find this to be a necessary precaution and one that I have been very successful using with my other fields of work.

OK! Let's get on with it.

The Goods!

You are ordering a pair (right and left) of Blasters in raw kit form. This means minimal post processing have been done and you might be required to remove and sand flashing. I highly recommend some skill in kit building but I will ALWAYS be around to answer your questions and to lend a helping hand. Members who order should PM me on here with their order numbers. Orders filled as they are received. Production time is currently 4-5 weeks at the time of order. Apologies for the long lead time, but this is generally an over estimation and I will work hard to ship orders quickly. Parts will have the classic flashing from casting so be prepared to do some prep work before painting/assembling etc. Minimal putty work required (lower frame and grip). Kits are limited to 50. Once the 50 are gone, they are gone. Molds will be recycled for other projects. I will never be offering them for sale again after that. Anyone else selling a kit will most likely be a recast. Orders of 25 are taken at a time with the second 25 being put up only when the first run is nearing completion and are 80 shipped out.

All plastic parts are cast using high quality resin using a pressure pot to ensure the absolute best quality product! The blasters are modeled to full size specs, to the best of my ability. Each blaster is just under 14"!

Full break down of parts included:
-Right and left grips
-2x upper barrels
-2x upper barrel shrouds
-2x upper barrel housings
-2x heatsinks
-2x inner barrels
-2x upper power cells
-2x upper frames
-2x lower barrels
-2x lower power cells
-2x lower frames
-4x end knobs
-2x metal mesh

-26 parts total

How To Order

Orders will only be taken via my Etsy store, here's the direct link to the order page:

One you've completed your order, please post here that you've ordered and PM me your order number. I will then LIKE your post to confirm the order. Once payment is fully verified, the order goes into production. Orders are produced in the order they are received and I will give public notification in case there is a noticeable delay. You will notice that I don't offer "Deposits," this is because I believe in fully committing to the sale; I won't play with your money, you won't play with my time. This, I believe, is the perk of not accepting money through a personal account.

Please read through my store policies before ordering. Once the order ships, the sale is considered final. I will post my policies here:


Price is $300 per kit. Each kit builds two blasters (right and left). I stand behind my work and the sheer amount of details and time I've put in. I hope you will all agree the price is fair given the size of these blasters and the materials needed to build them.

Shipping is $15 domestic and $10 each additional kit ordered.
Shipping is $65 overseas and $25 each additional kit ordered.

These blasters are HEAVY and shipping will be via insured USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail.


We accept major credit cards through Etsy's Direct Checkout. Etsy Gift Cards are also accepted. We do not accept Paypal at this time and that is unlikely to change in the near future.


Shipping is very straightforward. We offer USPS First class, Priority Mail Express, and Overnight. Options will be dependent on final product weight, so First Class Mail may not always be available. All shipments come with tracking and insurance.

We try our best to ship in the time stated in each listing, usually 2-3 days, but shipping times can vary if we are filling a custom order. We will notify our buyers several days before the scheduled ship date if a delay is expected.

A note to excited/eager buyers: We understand the excitement of ordering something awesome, but please do take some extra steps to ensure a positive experience. Please triple check your shipping addresses before ordering. Please update or delete unwanted shipping addresses so we don't ship to the wrong address and cause a big headache. If you have submitted an order with the incorrect address, please cancel the order or notify us so we can cancel the order. You can then reorder using the correct address. By doing so, Etsy gets off our backs and we can maintain a great buyer/seller relationship. With that said, once the order is submitted and shipped, we are not responsible if the address is incorrect.

Refunds and Exchanges

Due to the extremely limited and customizable nature of our products, we do not offer refunds. This is to keep the business viable. What we do offer is a replacement if the product arrives damaged (postal damage excluded) or defective.

Additional Policies and FAQs

As a general policy and warning, if you didn't buy it from us, you probably bought a knock off. We're located EXCLUSIVELY on Etsy and cannot be found anywhere else. Please shop carefully. We understand that greed and need is easy to satisfy, but we ask you kindly to avoid buying knock offs of our collectibles and to report it to us and on public forums (which we are a part of) if you spot something suspicious. If you are interested in buying a SOLD OUT collectible second hand, we don't have a problem with that at all. In fact, we would be flattered! We do ask that you get the seller to send over a photo of the edition size and serial so we can compare it to our photos in our record books. This is to ensure you get the highest quality collectible for your money. Once again, all our products are design from scratch, in house, 100% of the time, digitally. We will never be accused of stealing, recasting or any other shady dealings.

The following show the digital renders, post processed PLA prints, and an example post processed resin kit.

Showing the kind of clean details you can expect from every kit.

Please message me if you have any questions.
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First order in! Even if I just sell this one set, I would still be so thankful and consider it a success and a step in the right direction! I can't thank my family and the community enough; their continued support and your creativity here have kept me going. Not to sound like an awards speech, but this is basically my career, something I've always wanted to do since I was 8. To have the discipline now to fully realize it, is a dream come true. I just can't thank everyone enough. I'm just humbled to be here :)

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