Limited Run Star-Lord Blaster Kit (High Quality, 3D Printed, New Low Price)


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New low price reflected by design changes/lower material costs. Same awesome quality!

$90 a kit plus $12 shipping

Order Here!

Guardians of the Galaxy - 'Star-Lord Blasters' Rev. III

Buy The Best!

This is Revision III (Rev. III) which upsizes the blasters to a standard 324mm (12.75") long, minimizes multiple parts to single parts thus improving overall build ease, design and look. Overall design upgraded to higher accuracy.

These were digitally modeled with care and printed via FDM. As far as I know, these are the most accurate on screen props available with no details left out. Prints will require some cleaning, light sanding, or post processing (see below, full guide coming very soon) to achieve a paintable surface. I do all work in house and nothing is outsourced! Expect the best!

Order processing time is 2-5 weeks depending on work load. Please message me if you need it by a specific time frame and I’ll do my best to fit that in.

I print all my orders via a FDM printer at a very slow speed for the best surface quality so you don't waste time! I do NOT believe in speed printing and will always be checking for the highest quality prints.

All my props are printed with high quality PETG (shatter resistant* and semi flexible plastic). These are Light and TOUGH props!

*Parts will still break if thrown or dropped from unreasonable heights, it is plastic after all.

Size customization is also available. Standard blaster size is 12.75" long and I can adjust them smaller to fit the buyer's needs.

Pictures show an example of what you can expect from a single left or right uncleaned kit, an example of what you can expect after cleaning and test assembling (photo used with permission by client), the full kit minus metal screws, and finally the 3D model.

Full break down of part (x2 for the pair):

-1x Right or Left Grip (2pc assembly + button screws)
-1x Upper Frame (5pc assembly + upper shroud + knob)
-1x Lower Frame (4pc assembly + lower shroud + knob)
-1x Upper Muzzle
-1x Upper Double Barrel
-1x Power Cells (2pc assembly + M4 grubs)
-1x Single Lower Barrel (M4 grubs installed)
-1x Bag of dowels
-1x Instruction Manual

*Because I am always looking for ways to improve my designs (via Revisions), these parts may change without notification. End result will always be equal or better than advertised, however! Parts may also come in multiple colors.

Please read through my store policies before ordering. Once the order ships, the sale is considered final.

This is by no way affiliated, official, or licensed by Marvel, Disney etc. These blasters are strictly fan made and any profits made barely offset material costs and time dedicated to intricately duplicate details from the awesome originals used onscreen.
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