Unlimited Run Star Lord arm badge NEW AND IMPROVED v2.0


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This one has been in the works for a little while now. A few months ago I got to get up close and personal with the screen used long coat at the FIDM exhibit in LA. I got some excellent pictures and took precise measurements. I can say with confidence that this new badge is as perfect as one can ever get. Correct size, corrected details from my previous badge, and I put way more time and effort into properly smoothing the master before molding, so the surface finish is excellent. I also kept the corners straight. Left as they are, it matches the badge on the front of the long coat. They can also be pieced together to make the other badges on the coat, or you can clip the corners with scissors to get a completely accurate short jacket badge. (They were clipped, not rounded) And just like my first run, these badges will be cast in flexible urethane rubber with a dusting of fine iron powder for a metallic finish.

This last picture is of the new master with a badge from my first run. This was before finishing and is only a comparison of the size of the two badges.

The price is $20 per badge, same as before. HOWEVER, if you purchased one of my badges from the first run, the price of your order is reduced by $5.

1. SoulInertia
2. Iron Maniac (x2)
3. zombcom
4. hazardjsimpson (x2)
5. E-Wan
6. 80sKIDAutoman
7. montified88
8. PunisherWarrior (x2)
9. zerahemnah
10. Dustin Guest (x2)
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Yeah, i'm gonna have to get two from you. For my current jacket, and for the eventual jacket i replace it with. ;)


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Very nice, if this will fit dannys short jacket I'm in, I just paid you for the mr roboto helmet, should I pay for this now as well? thanks bro, zombcom


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zombcom I don't know exactly how Danny's arm embossing is laid out, but it should fit any replica jacket. As for payment, these won't be ready to go for a few days, I'm waiting on a new bottle of rubber to come in. I'm not taking payments for these until I get the rubber. If you'd like me to ship yours with your lenses to save postage, I can hold off on shipping your lenses until the badge is ready to go.

List updated.
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Please put me down for one too. I bought 2 from your 1st run and they still hold up beautifully. Will wait for your new jacket valve too :)


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With the exception of a couple people who are waiting on lenses, I haven't started taking payments yet. I've been held up on some other projects for the last week and haven't been able to cast any badges after the first couple. I'll get back to it later this week and once I got a few poured I'll take payments and start shipping them.

The valves will be coming soon. I have to finish machining the master, mold it, and then I can start casting them. They'll be ready before the end of July, but I can't put an exact date on it yet.


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I just wanted to bump this to let everybody know that now that SDCC is over, I'm back to work on everything, and I'm going to get everything that's paid for shipped out at the end of this week. I've also got some stock of these badges built up, so pretty soon I'll be PMing everybody on the list regarding payment. Stay tuned.


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Current stock exhausted, but I have more rubber and can cast them whenever. Send me a message if you're interested.
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