Star Destroyer color?

Jedi Dade

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having seen the SD at the MoM I can tell you it is definitely not white. It is a very lite gray color with thousands of scribed panels, some of which are a slightly darker - and I mean SLIGHYTly darker gray. when hit with the camera flash it sometimes appears white but under regular lights lite gray.

Jedi Dade


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sure looks white to me, on the theatre screen, and just as with the TIE fighters in Chronicles, all the different lighting and photographic exposures make a hash of it.
I went with something like half insignia white and half Camoflage Grey on my kit, after first pre-shading things with black.


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from page 3 of



Sluis Van Shipyards

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Thanks but this isn't actually a Star Destroyer model... You'll see by this weekend. Someone at SSM said the SW Chronicles says that they used matte white, but I think I'm going to go with either a lighter gray color or mix white and camo gray.
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