Stan Winston School of Character Arts


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Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd share this with you..

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts went Beta today, and with that they released a ton of preview video clips on youtube. These form tasters for DVDs that you purchase via their school.

Check them out - some of them look pretty valuable resources. They include making a mechanical hand, making realistic eyes, sculpting a macquette and turning it into a digitally manipulated image, the list goes on....

StanWinstonSchool's Channel - YouTube
Dang, I wish I had known about signing up, I've been following their facebook stuff for months! Not closely enough though!
I'm in Beta I think anyone can join Beta right now.

All the sample videos on you tube are what you see in Beta. You must either purchase DVD copies, pay for digital copies or subscribe for unlimited access for a month.

It's about $70 per 2 hour dvd.

I want them all but a bit cheap to buy em. I wouldn't mind recording the chapters if I streamed the chapters.

Let me know if you signed up to watch! Maybe we can split the cost.
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