Stag Hunter Bio


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Okay guys and girls, I've been down for awhile, nasty virus ate my Video card... But I'm back on it, and have a new addition. I've been pulling images from everywhere, and every period to make this bio. So I hope you folks like the concept. Note this isn't my idea completely, I took the most influential parts of sveral bios and other creatures to pull this off. This is my Stag Hunter bio, it will fit the DB P1v2 Head, and will work with several others.


The lower mandible plates will be fitted as separate armor pieces and be allowed to move (like the Elites helmets from HALO).


Also if you use a Properly cut half mask it can be used with this bio.... As the forward mouth cover, eyes, and cheeks wll cover the open portion of a halfmask...


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Finally got it molded huh. Looks good man!

Yep, got it molded... but the left over mold material from the project you and I worked on, apparently went bad, cuz the mold didn't cure in some spots... That's why the casting looks so rough... I'll be remolding the finished helmet, after I detail and paint it... And I'll be using Good material this time...

Thanx guys, I'll post pix of it on my DB head soon enough...