Staff of RA headpiece replica: which one?


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Hi guys, i need your precious help!!! :)

I'd like to buy a Staff of RA headpiece replica, but i can't i spend too much. Among the "cheaper versions", which one do you recommend me?

I saw one in bronze on Etsy of a certain Brian - BriansFarts (McGuffin No.1: Staff of Ra Headpiece - , one by the ACME artifacts and another one by replica props.

Sorry for my bad and poor english!



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I like the red gem in the 1st link, though the piece itself looks "hand crafted".

The images in the last two links appear to the be the same.


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The first one does not appear to be plated (it looks like painted gold) which would be a problem if you're chasing the real gold finish.
By his own admission its not accurate but it does look like a nice sculpt...

ACME does fine but is a long way from the better one's.

Best of luck


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Agreed #2 & #3 appear to be the same piece (ACME). FWIW, I like that one (for the money). Is it on par with some of the high-dollar versions? No, but it's still a fine piece.

I have one, & I kept it, even after I acquired/upgraded to one of RelicMaker's "Raven Bar" versions.


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For about 120 us dollars, you can't beat the acme/ replica props headpiece. It appears to be mainly cast from an original imam production h/p at some stage of its creation
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