Staff of Gandalf the Grey (FotR) Rivendell to Moria V.2


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So I've decided to share something I've started working on which is Gandalf's second staff that he has in Moria.
This is actually the first time I'm using clay to sculpt anything. I just moved to Connecticut for graduate school and I no longer have a garage to work on fiberglass for pep projects. So this being my first time with clay since High School, I went with Super Sculpey so it wouldn't harden while I was 'learning the ropes'. I would appreciate any feedback/criticism to help me improve.
I would eventually like to mold and cast this in a solid medium like resin, but this being such an intricate piece I have no idea how to go about that. Any info on that would also be great.






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Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

I think it looks great.I would like to work with some of that stuff too.and I also would like to know how you would go about casting something like that. awesome!
Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

Dang that looks epic! I had to cut my master sculpt into 6 pieces then cast the individually.
Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

Yeah I was worried that I would have to cut off the branches to cast it.
I still have a lot of cleaning up to do on it before I get to that point so I have time to consider if I want to do that or not.
Oh and thanks for the compliments.
Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

That looks fantastic, the texture is spot on.
Ya I can't think of a way of casting it without cutting all the branches off.
Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

if you made this affordable..... im sure quite a few people would be interested in buying one.
Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

Well, with the prospect of having to cut each of the branches off to cast them, and the potential trouble of the pieces not lining back up correctly, not to mention the cost of all the molding materials (given I have no experience with that); it would almost be faster and cheaper to sculpt each one.
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Here's just a few new pictures of my progress. Everything is shaped up a bit better and cleaned up quite a bit. I'm thinking it's just about finished.



Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

Thats cool... Looks like the Top of the staff is a pice of art itself...

Would be nice if the other part of the staff wouldn't be so hard, so that anyone can purchase only the top and put it on a simple staff...
Re: Gandalf the Grey: Moria Staff in Clay

Unfortunately the top piece is so complicated that casting it is nearly impossible without cutting it up into pieces.
As for the crystal I'm not sure if I want to put one in yet or not. If I happen across one I might pop it in but otherwise probably not.
Hello all,

So I've been working on an updated and improved version of this staff. Aside from more accurate shaping and structure I am making this version light up with a removable crystal. Note the crystal in the pictures is an earlier model. The master is currently in the mold awaiting new castings. Once I have finished pulling the new version I will begin sculpting details in with the crystal in place.
Your sculpture looks really good. I know what you mean about making molds. My first bust sculpture came out better than expected, then I was terrified to make the mold!! I new if I messed up the mold I could destroy weeks of sculpting. In the end the mold came out wonderful. Having to cut up an excellent sculpture for making molds is pretty scary! Good luck whatever you decide.
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