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Way back when, my uncle won me a set tour of Voyager (this was during the filming of the final season). While I was there, I got to meet the cast that was on hand that day (everyone but Robert Picardo, sadly), and tour all the sets that weren't in use (only the bridge was). While in the briefing room, they introduced me to Kate Mulgrew while she was being touched up on hair/makeup/costume. They replaced her commbadge and she gave me hers. It was pretty awesome.

My question is, who on earth besides me, my uncle, the tour guide, and maybe, randomly, Kate Mulgrew or her hair dresser would know this? I love the badge and have kept it safe and sound for over 10 years, but if I ever decided to sell it there's no way to prove it is what I say it is. Is that just kind of how to the cookie crumbles with stuff like this, or is there any way to authenticate it? I don't forsee having a reason to sell it, I was just curious as I'm new to these boards and never really had anyone else to ask who would know what I was even talking about. :) Thanks!


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I think there are some tells on some of them.

I know one board member here used to paint them so maybe he will chime in.

A lot of the Comms were given out so there are plenty of them in this community


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I had the pleasure of 6 VIP tours of Voyager & DS9 over a 2 year period or so. They are some of the coolest memories I have. I would never part with anything I got from those rare occasions, I was lucky enough to get a few pics of me on the sets, so I have 'proof' if you will, of my experiences. You just have to be confident in the fact that you now what you know. Hopefully some of the others here will give you some extra info that will help out too...


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Wow what a treasure of a memory, if nothing else. I think I would have the badge mounted and framed with a photo, or a signed photo of Kate Mulgrew as Janeway, and maybe a piece of film or something along those lines, which would lend it more credibility as an original piece, especially if you want to sell it or hand it down to a family member.


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This is a great story. There are many who can look at your piece (especially the back) and confirm its consistent with production. I'd mount and frame it as suggested.


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I think micdavis gave me this idea when he suggested it to another member. Have a document where you explain the events and have it notorized. Make another one where your uncle tells his side of the story. End with the line "all the above information is true and attested by my signature."

I would be completely comfortable buying something with that provenence. Sure it isn't as good as a top prop company's COA, but it helps immensley.


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P.S., do you have any other proof you went on the tour? Did you save your day pass/contest rules, anything of that nature?
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