ST:TOS Doomsday Machine and Captain Kirk Cosplay

Cosplay prop for Captain Kirk with green tunic cosplay. From the Star Trek TOS 'The Doomsday Machine' episode. . .this is the Doomsday Machine build. . .dadadada, dadadaaaaa, dadadadaaaaaaa.

Materials: PVC 4" pipe, PVC 4" coupling, 6" to 8" duct reducer, foam matts, Sintra 1/8" sheets, All Purpose Bondo, Smooth-On 2 Part Air Epoxy, Tamiya PS-43 translucent orange, Rustoleum Mirror Silver, PS-19, PS-59. 6 little Loctite Gel SuperGlue. Strobe flashlight for lighting.

Pretty simple build. A lot of eyeballing the size, as I wanted to it to be carried at a Con. It ended up being a touch over 3' long.

Assembled exclusively with Loctite SuperGlue, the 'tail' section detaches and there is room, no joke, for a tribble, a leash (see photo with Oberyn Martell), and your wallet.

Texture was achieved with All-Purpose Bondo applied with a paper towel or piece of cardboard. Quite a bit of sanding. Tail was Smooth-On 2 Part Air Epoxy formed to a cone-ish point.

Painting was a primer layer with Rustoleum Mirror Silver, then the PS-19, accents with the darker PS-59, then 'line/ridge' highlights with a Sharpie Silver paint pen. Used the PS-43 to paint the 'lens' inside the maw the yellow/orange. I shaped the transparent lens by heating it and pushing it into a bowl shape. . .with a bowl.

PS. Chicks dig a guy with a Planet Destroyer.



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Love it!

We used to call it "the giant horn of plenty" in the 70's! :lol


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I would totally love to have one of these!!! It looks fantastic!


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Uhhhh... I really hope that thing's housebroken, or you're gonna have pure anti-proton poo -- absolutely pure!! :p