ST- TMP Surak | Vulcan(ian) Shuttle parts hunt... underside shuttle and sled, top and sides shuttle.


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Got a few bits that I can not nail down.
After selling ~ 500 kits a few years back I thought I was done with this sort of thing, Ha. Needs must, as is said.
Anyone have any ideas on the inset details that are called out? A few fall into the 'damn that is familiar', but it's been a while.

Since there will be no new images of the ship taken, ref is problematic at best.



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First one is from the Renwall Polaris, also used on the original Aries 1B miniature.
Photo: Gene Kozicki.
oh jeez yeah I have that, thank you. It's part of a few of the renwall nuclear subs iirc. Not sure why I kept that on there... might be this is more the tubing coming off of it, but that's generic enough.

Thanks again!

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