ST:Enterprise Phase Pistol (de-construction)


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I recently scored a Star Trek: Enterprise Phase Pistol on eBay.


However, it will not snap closed. So I see it as an opportunity to modify the internals and repaint it.

Has anyone ever taken one of these apart? There are only (2) screws visible so I must assume that it snaps together.


UPDATE: I found this old thread but the pictures are gone..

ANOTHER UPDATE: Found another thread with pics.. YEAH!
I scrapped one of mine, to reuse the electronics for my Maco-rifle.


So i hadn´t to be very carefull with it, i damaged the plugs that cover the screws in the grip. Additional you have to remove the snake-screw replicas (2 caps pushed on a rod) and bend the cover to get it from the frame.

I can take some pics tomorrow.

The not holding cover is caused by the worn out "wishbone" plastic part in the cover, you can fix it with some heat and bending in shape again - 2 of mine had the same problem.
Trying to pry the plastic screw covers off is proving impossible without damaging them. I think I will drill them out and JBW it when I'm done with the internals.
It can be done, cause i had seen "how to´s" some years ago - but no idea how they managed to do it without damaging them.

The wishbone can be fixed without disassembling the phaser completly - just unscrew the 2 tiny bolts on the covers inside, split the 2 main parts (carefull) and pull it out. Reshape it, put it in again and screw it together.
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