SSM Firefly Kit -- Build-Up Pics


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Here is link to my web page that has several pictures of the SSM Firefly ship.

I have yet to add the little side panels -- solar panel type thingies -- but this will give you a good idea of how the model looks. I did not agonize over complete accuracy when it came to paint scheme and did not sweat all the little details on this kit -- I wanted to get it together and up on my shelf, so it was a little rushed but I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Most difficult part was deciding what color to paint some scenes it looks rusty brown, in others it looks like gleaming silver. I settled on a base coat of a TAIMAYA spray paint called CHAMPAGNE GOLD -- a pearlescent sheen with a light gold touch. I then used various acrylics to paint all the little patchwork panels and weather it. Not sure how much of the weathering really shows up under the flash, but the pics will give you a nice look at a finished kit.

Looking forward to the THOMAS project as well.


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