SSgt Burton's T1 Future War Kyle Reese

SSgt Burton

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Re: T1 Future War Kyle Reese

It's okay Larry; we still have some need for you around here. :thumbsup

There's a nice corner office in the sub-basement with some important assignments waiting for you. :)

;) :angel

(Just kidding Bro!)



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Re: T1 Future War Kyle Reese

i find it funny they (the resistane) switch from leather knee/ shin pads to almost hockey shin/ knee guards for T2
awesome build, i'm putting together (or atleast trying to) do a T2 resistance fighter and using your build to inspire thank you :)

SSgt Burton

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Re: T1 Future War Kyle Reese

Heh thanks! :thumbsup

Well because of the free bump, I'll shamelessly post a few more pics. ;)

These were from Fan Expo in Toronto last year:


I managed to do those upgrades of the straps around the forearms and the get the belt thingy (distress beacon) attached.



Also got to meet Kyle Reese himself- Michael Biehn... but I had to tell him who I was dressed as. :unsure :lol


nick daring

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Re: T1 Future War Kyle Reese

He really didn't recognize the outfit!?! Too funny.

20 years will do that though. :)


SSgt Burton

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Re: T1 Future War Kyle Reese

Well just to clarify, he didn't straight out ask me who I was dressed as-

It was more a case of "Hi I'm Kevin", "Hi I'm Michael" (handshake), and then an awkward silence--- I was kind of expecting him to say something like "Well look at you!"

Anyway to break the silence I just came out and said "I figured I'd dress as something you'd recognize: Kyle Reese."

To which he responded, "Yeah. Cool."


Needless to say it was not "quite" the reaction I was expecting. :lol


Dr Lobster

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Re: T1 Future War Kyle Reese

Hey there. Newbie to the sight, but I have searched it constantly for a while. Your costume is awesome. I am currently in pre production for a Terminator fan film, and your costume was a great help in finding the items I needed as well as construction of the five or six costumes we needed for the film.

I'll post a thread soon with some shots of costumes, sets and such.

But really, thanks for your attention to detail. So many things get missed (like the Fulton SOS beacon) or are hard to source, but because of your pictures and details, I was able to find almost everything I needed to create almost screen accurate costumes.:thumbsup


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Hi there. Is there anywhere else I can see pics being as photobucket is holding them for randsom? Wrong thread...looking for pics of Appollo 11 costume
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