SS Tie Fighter paint issue


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I remember a brief thread regarding issues with paint not sticking to their Tie a while back. I tried to look it up again but could not locate it the thread in question.

My question is: if anyone has had this problem how did they fix it? I cleaned the parts in question quite well so i am not sure if i should strip the paint and clean again or if anyone has any suggestions?



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I'll answer.... there was a resin monkey that sprayed to much mold release in the molds prior to pouring.. I think only a few kits went out... (Dawn) Dish soap with warm soapy water cleans the parts. Use a old tooth brush on the details.. and you will be fine. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface... use a good primer as well.... i hope that helps.... shoot me some pictures too..



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You need to clean with alcohol, then use, UPOL acid 8 primer, Jason had the same problem, and this primer WILL work, it sticks to anything, its the bomb!

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