SS TIE build up **NEW** progress

Lynn TXP 0369

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*** EDIT***
Update, the hull is fully done and painted now and I just gotta assemble the cock pit area. The wings will take some work as Steve sent raw Plastruct "I" beams and styrene strips for the wing edges and need to be formed and worked.
***END EDIT***

Since the kits are starting to come out now, has anyone started theirs yet, or finished it???

If so, lets see them or atleast an update on it's progress.

I started mine last night already and I just got it yesterday.
I got the hull all done, assembled, and in primer now waiting to dry so I can do the main paint coats.

I may start the wings tonight, I just gotta figure out how to cut the Plastruct "I beam" wing edges from the raw Plastruct "I beams" and styrene strips.

Any ideas or tips to do it from people that have started it?
Lets see those pics....



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Well, I'm STILL waiting for the I beams and a couple of replacement parts from Steve so I'm putting off painting until then but I've got all the parts sanded and preped and ready to go!

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