SS Probe Droid stop motion legs.


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Thought id document these here so my client has an easier time looking up my progress.
Second leg, after a BIG fudge up on my part is now well underway. This is the second draft of this leg, as originally i cut ALL the tubing wrong lol, but, i have to say, i dont blow my own trumpet often, these work way better than my own, im even tempted in time to re build some of my own.

Once i get further along with this one, and the next leg, ill post some more video on there function, and how its all done, im pottering along slowly, but i feel its the only way to go with these things, rushing them just gives you a finished product that wont work very well, or will look like poop, and im all about neatness in my work.



Cheers mate, i agree, doing it all again, is daunting, its a pig of a job, but, wow, it all seems to work better, even my claw joints are spot on in function, ill have this one done this weekend.

Glad you like so far Mars, going to look at the mounting option this week, seeing as you have a hollow/styrene underskirt, im thinking these should be bolted up inside that skirt as i reckon they are on the prop.

Ill get to that this week though, send you a few ideas and we'll go from there.

Lee, that's awesome! It's great to see PD legs that are poseable. I still have the unbuilt (1/4 scale) Probe Droid kit... have you considered molding your new legs and making them available as an upgrade?
Alan, thanks bud. As for molding/casting, TBH bud, it just wouldnt work, there are too many undercuts, and they way the rectangle tubing is cut to reveal so many hollows, it wouldnt lend well to casting, wouldnt look very nice at all.

What! There you go doing it all over again?! Didn't you have enough the first time around? Wach out! You gonna end up hating the probe droid, you don't want that now, do you?

New update on leg two. Forgive me if i babble, was really tired when i shot the vid lol.
Decided to build the top Saturn V joint a little different this time out, i had my own little mishap with my own droid, and didnt want a repeat occurrence with this set, hence its very strong now, still a learning curve, but its coming along slowly.

Only just noticed how grey my droid is in the vid, wow, these things really change hue at the drop of a hat.

My broadband is so slow at the moment I can only load about the first 5 seconds in an hour.... time to change broadband supplier I thinks. No doubt its a great vid mate?
Guy our Broadband is terrible of late, most of it is the fact the students get it for free here, and hammer it like crazy, so of course, us poor mugs who pay the freight, take the brunt lol.
Video isnt that great mate, cant say ill be getting an Academy award anytime soon :behave.

This is an awesome documentation and update for any client,
It is also very professional of you Lee to do so!
Thank you for sharing ,
This is an awesome documentation and update for any client,
It is also very professional of you Lee to do so!
Thank you for sharing ,

Just wait till you see them in hand, if you think they look good now then you have another thing coming, they'll blow you away I promise.:cool
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