SS Betty (Alien Resurrection)

Its going to be Studio scale, roughly 5.5 feet wide and 4 feet long. Will be building the metal support frame this weekend. Still waiting on the foam, plastic and silicone to come in.

Yeah im crazy. Still safer than my last job.
OK Finally got the scaling done, the foam is in. and ive started cutting the box sections for the main body. i used a mix of Cad and my personal reference of the betty from my time out in LA working on the second betty. Heres a few screen Caps of the scaling and the the main body parts cut and ready to be assembled. should have the main body put together by next weekend.

Thanks for looking.







Very cool. Thanks for posting images of your working files in AutoCAD. I do similar scaling from photos and it's actually quite good at this for tracking where you get your dimensions from. Looking forward to seeing the metal armature.
Thanks Guys,

LOL yeah the dog. I was going to mold that for a company, but when the manager got my estimate he freaked. he said some crap about China and i told him to have them do it. people think things only cost a couple bucks, well maybe in China but in the US Silicone is expensive. he still hasnt come to pick it up, its been 6 weeks.

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