Squid Game Guard Reference Pictures


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Awesome! :)
There's a file for one that folds on Cults that's a little more accurate than the ones on thingiverse that I ended up buying.
I have a //bag// of the YKK buckles now- had to to get the screen accurate ones. Debated printing it though. What'd you use for the mask straps?
I went with elastic velcro-type.
A bag you say... Maybe you have some extras to pawn off? I'm in search of 3.


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A recent post by Wi Ha Joon's management was made about his poster photoshoot in the pink soldier costume that has a lot of angles and hi-def on the jumpsuit! I'll drop a few of the ones of note here directly:

Hood interior/neck area detail, balaclava detail, gun prop, guard mask, and chest clip detail:



Bonus—Front Man costume & Guard Mask mesh


Hope this helps!​


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I found a good file with foldable mask, and the buckles, from UprisingFX. He sells files, and has a fused version or the two piece one. The two piece is what I went for to just fit inside my Elegoo Saturn. I printed the top half in black resin. Currently resin printing the bottom piece, and I can try it all on and post a photo.

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