Spy (Post-release)

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Vivek, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Just got back from seeing it and it's as good as the reviews make it out to be. See this film and tell me with a straight face that Paul Feig isn't suited for Ghostbusters.
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    The wife and I saw this last night, and LOVED it! While I'm not the biggest fan of Melissa McCarthy, I thought that she did an excellent job. Jason Statham was hilarious. Overall, I'd recommend seeing it.
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    Wif an I saw it on Sunday. I have a dry, twisted sense of humor, and this made me LOL several times. I love a good verbal shredding of someone and *, when MM got rolling she was epic.
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    Just saw it, and was mildly entertained. A lot of lengths in the first third, a lot of filler gags using MM´s motor mouth craft. LOVED Jason Statham!!! Very likeable supporting characters, like the italian spy Aldo. MM is a real star in this movie, it´s an MM vehicle. Some of the banter seemed a bit dragged on

    The movie itself is a successor to a long line of James Bond parodies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_James_Bond_parodies_and_spin-offs and comedies like the all time classic "pink panther" series. So, nothing really new to see, very often predictable. I liked the final pay off in the end, though. A few gags may have gotten lost in the German translation. It felt a bit like watching an old "carry on" movie. But I do not think that it is an instant, unforgettable classic in the genre of spy movie parodies. Because it does not bring anything new to the table. It feels like a tv movie and nothing that has the broad scope and range of a big screen movie. Neither cinematography nor direction stand out, and sometimes I found the editing very mediocre.

    A solid yet average movie, IMO. I do not see why it got such raving reviews.And just a few replies here in the entertainment forum? I think it will be more reviewed when it goes into VOD distribution.
    I can say with a straight face: ... oh wait, I did so in that other thread already ...
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    I bloody loved this film. I've never laughed so hard in the theatre. It got recommended to me due to one of my cosplays, and when the moment was there, I laughed so hard! But I laughed throughout the entire film.

    This is also the first film that didn't make me wince during the vomit moment. Usually I just avertmy eyes and go 'whyyy'. But in this case, it just added to the hilarity and didn't bother me.

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