Spreadsheet/database for collection


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There used to be a nice app called Itemizer that you could use to catalog anything. Add a pic and such. I don't know if it's been updated or not.


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I use a simple Excel sheet to keep an inventory. I keep these data of each prop I buy:

  • Movie / Series / Franchise
  • Prop
  • Original Creator of the Replica
  • Date of purchase
  • Price
  • Price in Euro
  • Paid through (PayPal, Money Transfert, traded for X)
  • Place of Purchase (The RPF, COW, eBay, Webshop, etc...)
  • Bought from (Nickname on forum or eBay
  • Full name of seller
  • E-mail of seller

I also have a color code: props I'm willing to sell are in blue. Once sold, I strikethrough the line, but keep it in the excel as reference.
I also have a "status" colum in front of each so I can see which props are ordered / paid for / delivered, etc...
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