spot putty or more xtc3d?


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so i used xtc3d on my 3d prints. some spots are peeling a bit like thick paint after sanding but not alot. and there are a few spots that that are a little concave that i cannot sand so they look a bit shiny spots here and there. do i just use spot putty on those or more xtc 3d. because i have to sand it anyways so i can prime it. in fact if this was paint what do I do? or do I just use primer?
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I've never used 3D printed parts or XTC, but I've heard that many printed parts have a waxy coating that must be cleaned off. This may be what's causing the peeling. As for the low spots it depends, spot putty is fine for small areas but it shrinks if applied too heavily.


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I rather cover the peeling with something, but low spots is what i am really concerned about, is there other things i can do in addition to spot putty and sanding it? do filler primer fill enough?


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I have worked at several prototyping shops and in the toy industry. Each has a different method to rid themselves of build lines.

Are you using your printed part for a master pattern or are you just going to clean it and paint it as a "one off"? That would help me in a suggestion.

The XTC may not be adhering since the surface is possibly too slick for it to hold on. A problem with XTC is that if you do not apply it correctly it will potentially pool up on or in details you want to keep. It's the old story of "the right tool for the right job". XTC isn't the one answer to all 3D printing problems....sometimes an answer but not always.


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oh sorry i mean, im more thinking of use xtc 3d on the print, then sand, then xtc 3d, then primer, maybe a second coat, then use spot putty here and there to fix a few spots.
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