Spock Tribute Bust Sculpt -- 3D Print


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Hello All. First post here. Always love coming here and seeing all the great work and talent. Very inspirational. Anyway, wanted to share a project I'm working on.

This is an approximately 1/5 scale test print of a Spock bust I digitally sculpted as a tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Sculpted it in ZBrush and printed it on my CEL Robox 3D printer. Attached a pic of the bust that I painted, as well as a pic of the pieces and the digital sculpt. Pretty happy with the results. I've made a few minor revisions, and I'm about to attempt a print at the final size, about 1/3 scale. The final digital sculpt has a lot of finer details, so I'm hoping that'll show up when I print it out at a higher resolution. Let me know what you think... it's never too late to make more revisions :) Thanks! - Phi

Spock Bust.jpg

spock print.jpg


Wes R

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Looking really good. I'm behind the times, I never heard of zbrush until lately. Last high end programs i saw was soft image, 3d max, and maya lol.
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