SPN Dean and Sam's Taurus PT92 project plan


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I originally was gonna do this project myself, but my parents will not let me buy the nescessary items (), so I'm throwing it out there for anyone who wants to do it. I had planned on making Dean and Sam's (they are both seen using it) Taurus PT92 from Supernatural. This is what it looks like:

I had planned to make the base from a $30 airsoft gun I found after about 30 minutes of searching. It is the cheapest and most accurate as I could find. I cannot put the picture of it on here because it is copyrighted, but here is the webpage: Taurus PT92 Electric Airsoft Pistol Full Auto Blowback Cyber gun Licensed - AirRattle - Welcome to amazing airsoft gun prices and customer service - air soft specialist

I had planned to paint it with silver paint and then attach pearl grips similar to this:

The grips shown are the best I could find that are the right size, and they are on this (Taurus International Manufacturing Inc)page shown as "large frame" grips for $56. I hope somebody is able to take on this project!
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