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I am going to be filming an effects driven short video based on a Splinter agent and I'm trying to achieve the look of the character Archer from Splinter Cell: Conviction. I have a decent idea on how I'm going to go about creating the goggles and have already ordered an identical night vision strap system for cheap from eBay. I wanted to see if anyone would be able to give suggestions on where I might be able to find some of the other pieces in this costume. I've read other Splinter Cell costume threads around the internet and all of them are un-helpful for this particular character.

I believe I have found a pretty accurate balaclava, but I'm not sure where I could find or what I would search for for the "foam" looking head sock that he's wearing. I understand that I will have to make the shoulder pads. What might be the best way to go about doing that? The only other main thing that will be difficult would be the vest. I've searched all over and can't find a similar vest. I know that the neck protector would need to be modified on, I just need to find a similar vest as a starting point.

Any help that you guys can give in suggesting similar items or ways to go about creating this costume would be awesome. This will be pretty much my first time creating a costume with this much detail. Again, I appreciate the help.

Reference images can be found here:

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