Spielberg's War of the Worlds TriPods

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by redshirt, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. redshirt

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    I know Spielberg' War of the Worlds just came out, but I was hoping someone licensed the Tripods to sell as kits. Anyone hear anything?
  2. phase pistol

    phase pistol Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I have seen NO licensed "war of the worlds" ANYTHING since the movie came out... :unsure

    No "making of" book, no action figures, no kits... :(

    - Karl
  3. MustangGTR1

    MustangGTR1 Well-Known Member

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    If by what I have gotten a look at they are the old style tri-pod and Lunar Models use to sell them, now I know they were more then likley redesigned for the movie but they should be close..Kev :D
  4. JediCarl

    JediCarl Well-Known Member

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    I know. I'm also a bit befuddled by this. Especially by the lack of a Making of or Art of book.
  5. cobywan

    cobywan Sr Member

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    I think the lack of behind the scenes material and products is because the movie was made on a fast track. I think we should see books and articles soon. But I don't see any licences models being made from this film. I mean look at how many Star Wars models are being released in the states.
  6. CessnaDriver

    CessnaDriver Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    At ComiCon there was a prototype model for the Jeff Wayne version of the tripods.
  7. TD-0488

    TD-0488 Active Member

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    I have not seen the movie. Are the ships cool? Are there any sites or links that show the new ships?
  8. misterfusion

    misterfusion Sr Member

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    Is it just me or does the "eye" on the Tripod look like the deflector dish on the movie Enterprise?



    Steve :confused
  9. roguemodeler

    roguemodeler Active Member

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    The "eye" was made from an headlight. If you look close you can make out the ridges and reflectors. ;)

    KAIBURR Well-Known Member

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    My good friend (the guy responsible for the CC X-Wing masters) is building this as I write this blip. I'll keep you guys informed as it develops. He's nearly done with the "head". The model looks to stand around fourteen inches.

  11. phase pistol

    phase pistol Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    BTW I happened to catch a "behind the scenes" bit on the tripod scens at the Alias Maya booth at SIGGRAPH... they showed deconstructions of the scenes, and a lot clearer views of the alien machines in isolation (very brief shots tho)...

    An interesting note is that the machine that rises out of the water and sinks the ferry boat, is of a different design than the machines that erupt out of the ground and stalk Cruise on land.

    Apparently the alien machines were re-designed on the fly to "look cooler" in any given scene, as opposed to being strictly consistent throughout.

  12. SinkTube Jedi

    SinkTube Jedi Well-Known Member

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    Please, thanks these would be cool.


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