Spidey Noir sculpt.


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so after not making my deadline for halloween on the sub zero mask (shakes fist at uni work) I got bored 2 nights ago and started sculpting this in the couple hours i have infront of the TV at the end of the night. Let me know what you guys tink and if theres room for improvements.

super sculpy. I think I need to make the spider on the back a little less thick. Does anyone know how to smooth the tiny little bumps, just to have it in slickest condition before cookin this fella.
Ah, i thought it was, but the pictures made it look a little too pink, hence why i wasn't sure.

I've heard that lighter fluid brushed on gives a smooth finish, but don't quote me on that, get confirmation from someone more experienced, dont want to give you a bum steer here and end up causing you to ruin your sculpt!
can anyone on here verify the lighter fluid to smooth it out? Some takes on teh lighter fluid is that it makes the figure all tacky?
I've had a check about, and rubbing achohol used lightly and sparingly is one smoothing method, and lighter fluid used VERY sparingly and lightly is also used, so i was right!

The 3d, sculpture and toys forum in concept art.org is a great resource, you may get some ideas here as well

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that so fits in with the "batman by gaslight" series .. its looking fantastic by the way .. wonder what you could do with IronMan :-D
I realize that it's depth might be a bit dramatic, but the first thing that caught my eye was the dimension of the back-spider detailing...please don't lower it too much!
Totally cool piece!
thanks guys, ill looking into the rubbing alcohol and check out the forum. As to the back detail, Ill try straighten it up. But Im glad you guys are liking my take on the Noir version of spidey. Never noticed it before but it really does fit with the gotham by gaslight stuff.
heres an update on it, not touched it in a while because of uni work. Its still abit away from being finished. Im I made a small run of these anyone think theyde be interested?

There's nothing poor about that work. Leather and fabric work is easily distinguishable for what they are supposed to be. Only thing I can see could be improved upon is raising the buttons from the vest a bit, but not needed.

Turned out great.
thanks guys, the comments are much appreciated. theres a couple little bits i need to touch up. Will hopefully start a new sculpt sometime soon.
From one sculpter to another...I think it look great :thumbsup
Maybe some more stitching details and a bit more depth to the goggles....but that's just my opinion on an already good job!
Garlic, I was aiming for the spidey noir look from the shattered dimension game as his costume in that does look total kick-ass.

glen - much appreciated, I get where your coming from with stitching and goggles, but ive been juggling this with alot of other stuff, so it was a if and when i could job.

Glad you guys like it, any other suggestions to improve/develop on for future sculpts, dont be afraid get them up, all constructive criticism welcomed.
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