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Hi Everyone,

I've been hanging about for a while and reading many a post with interest, but now am finally taking the plunge with a couple of costumes and would welcome any sort of feedback....

(Currently I've got a TK and am thinking about letting it go...but thats a different issue). Im looking to go Spidey and probably more inclined to go Comic Book Spidey as, I suppose, there is more artistic licence with the shape of the eyes...I've got the print sorted but am looking out for a face shell plus someone who could supply the eyes. Also, since it is the comic version, what sort of shoe could I use ?

The other costume is where Im going to ask for your advice. Its for my girlfriend and its a toss up between Blackcat or Ms. Marvel. Which of those two would you like (and goes better with) Spidey....She's quite keen for either of them (I quite like the look of Ms. Marvel) but would like to get the view from you guys here.

Im keen on going Spidey as I've worked really hard in losing around 50lbs in weight and am working to being in tip top form, so have the confidence to wear a Spidey....

I'll post pics of updates when I start
best fit would be secret awnser C:


but since it was an A or B question I'd go with Blackcat aswell
Definately black cat over Ms. Marvel if you want to match, but I would probably go with a version of Spiderwoman first or MJ.
Black Cat is definitely the continuity fan's choice, but if she doesn't want the girls on display quite so prominently you could always go for a lesser known Spidey-verse female character. Shriek, Firestar, even Kitty Pryde. Silver Sable used to pop up pretty often in the Spidey books in the late 80's early 90's. Apparently there's even a female Venom (not the female symbiotes from that horrible rash of baby-symbiotes) that appeared when the symbiote took over Eddie Brock's ex-wife.
Well Ms. Marvel is in the Avengers with Spider-man right now and they do flirt quite a bit and have even made references to the two of them hooking up. So I say go with Ms. Marvel.

Now of course it also depends on what the girl looks like, and her preference.
Thanks everyone, it's been decided....We're gonna go with BOTH !! However, Blackcat will be the first one and then we'll move onto Ms Marvel. She likes both and has, ermmm, ample charms to fill a costume, so we'll get on the case and I'll post up pics as I get them done.

As for Brad, i'm not sure. We had some conversations about what spidey I was looking for and then all of a sudden when I sent him an email regarding sizes etc, he sent me a reply back saying he didn't do recognisable licensed characters anymore and would only do custom. So I've not been in touch again....

I may have another outlet, but again, I'll keep you posted when I start.
looking forward to progress on this, will you continue to post here or start new threads for each?
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I'll probably do a separate thread for each but will post the link on here when I start. Simce ive mentioned it i could do both at the same time might actually be doable, since the materials 'could' be very similar.
Thats all the materials ordered, so i'll be starting up a single build thread for both costumes. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this and getting advice for when I get stuck :)
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