Spidey Mask/Faceshell Concerns

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by kjguy, Jun 23, 2015.

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    I've had my Spidey suit and I feel ok about it, but I am still incredibly bothered by the way things are fitting in my head area. I hate seeing web lines that just stop, and feeling like my eyes are out of place. I have a faceshell with magnetic lenses from TJack, and I am having trouble lining it up with the suit. I feel like the way it was sewn makes it hard to line up properly AND fit the faceshell in. (Very Tight!) I have all these thoughts about it, but I can't think of any idea of how to make it work. Any help would be much appreciated. Here are some pics of me and my issue.
    10313129_10203390409953381_8468505775052800819_n.jpg 1797434_820291981276_3403760360676113673_n.jpg 10959588_820291796646_4628259007943305200_n.jpg
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    Looking at it it looks great. Only when you look with intent to find flaws do you notice the errors.
    I have no experience with the issue, but good luck!
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    It looks like you have the mask a little high up. Where the lines cross each other in the middle should be a little lower. You can try adding some sort of padding inside the faceshell so it won't feel so tight. If there is a hood zipper, it might have been sewn to the fabric without being stretched first which could be the cause of a majority of your issues.

    Other than that, I have to agree, nice looking suit.

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