Spiderman zentai suit Actual size vs Goal size


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I am going to get a Zentai Spider-Man suit from Zentai zone. I know it is not going to be as good as a full custom suit but it is all I can afford at the moment. By issue is that I am currently a "work in progress" being about 20 - 25lbs over my goal weight. Can anyone give advice on the best way to size for this, I understand that lycra is stretchy but I also do not want the suit to be loose when I get to the correct size.

Any advice would be great.



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20 llbs is going to take you a few months, you can get the zentai now and then make another suit then.
The cheap zentai fabric doesnt stretch really as well as higher quality spandex


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I think people are underrating the zentai suits a bit. Sure, many of the really cheap ones are poor quality, especially the dye-sub type that usually looks crap. Zentaizone's suits are from what I have experienced really good quality for the price though. The lycra is stretchy, the seams are solid and of course they don't fade since the lycra isn't printed over to give color. You can say what you want about how they look, but they definately hold up!

I think you should get one that fits you now, they're pretty affordable so you can always get another one as IndridColdx said.
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