Spiderman - Web Prop?

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by SpiderMango, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. SpiderMango

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    Hello! I've tried searching the forums but it doesn't seem like too many people have considered this.

    I've had this idea of creating a "rope" that looks like webbing. The whole purpose being that it'd make interesting photos.

    So to my question, I'm not the most creative type with materials. What do you guys think would be a decent process to make something like this?
  2. djlacer

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    Doesn't look hard to replicate with white nylon ropes. 3316835-2280301-spiderman.jpg
  3. Pants

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    I'm currently making one of these myself. I'm using 100lb fishing line braided in 3 strands. Doing 2 with 2 strands of white knitting cotton, then braiding the 3 braids together. I'll also be glueing magnets in each end so I can have a magnet on a band on my wrist, and a small magnetic plate for the other end so I can "web" other people :D
  4. jrenemtz321

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    A few cosplayers use these. They really work great. Here's mine made by Spencer Doe (the guy I'm webbing in the photo; he sells them on fb). It seems to be wire covered in puff paint. Nothing fancy, but people who want photos love it.

  5. Peachpanda

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    I used some small white rubber bands like the kind used in these bracelets. I tied them together until together until I had the desired web shape. This is optional, but I wrapped it around a thin white pole so it was stiff for pictures.

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