Spiderman: upgrade lenses or not?


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I'm working on my first Spiderman costume.

I got a black suit Spidey from Wish.com, and I'm surprised by the quality. Not all the web lines match up at the seams, but for the cost, I'm okay with it.

It has the mask separate from the rest of the suit, and the suit has a front zipper for ease of bathroom use.

I have some flip flops to modify and attach for the soles, to make walking around outside more comfortable. I've also got a face shell coming, but it's only the lower half of my face.

But the lenses... whoo boy. They work, but the mesh is pretty wide, and there's not much room between them and my eyeballs.
I'm going to try the DIY lens domes, but should I upgrade the mesh and the lens border? I'm thinking yes, but wanted some recommendations.



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Maybe it's just that picture, but the lens border looks too straight. More like a perfect triangle instead of the swooping shape that I think of with Spider-Man.


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That's the stock photo. I'll have to take a closer look at mine when I get home. But I agree that looks odd.

Are most of the lens upgrades hard plastic or soft rubber? I'm not looking to get the moving lenses right away, if ever.

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You would have to replace them with something bigger, your best bet is to go with Todd McFarlane style lenses, TASM 2 could work but you'd take a chance.

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