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Hey everyone, with my last build I just attached water shoes soles to the bottom of the suit, and it worked fairly well. The only problem I had was that after a few days of constant wear, the fabric got stretched and became floppy. So the weight of the soles would sort of just flop around. It was mostly difficult to walk up the stairs.

I have been trying to find an alternative, and I ran into someone at our con here who had sewn actual water shoes into their suit, tops and all, so they essentially were wearing a shoe inside their suit. I tried to search here for some tutorials but can't seem to dig any up. Does anyone know of a thread, or can share some light?

I have a new suit coming in a few weeks and would like to try this out. I have zero sewing experience and not a lot of acutal building experiance as this will be my second one.

Any info will help, thanks friends!
There was a thread on the TASM1 suit on this when people were using the ASIC dirt dog soles. Take the aqua sock, insert into the foot of the suit to form it as a boot, then use shoe goo to glue it to the sole. When I did this, I wore the aqua socks, slid into the suit, placed glue on the soles, and stood/sat (with my feet planted on the sole) until the glue dried. I used extra shoe goo around the edges to close any gaps and seams. No sewing to the boot required.
What I did was buy soles for the inside as well as the outside of the suit with the glue to match at your local Shoemaker store.The outside soles would have to have nonskid profile for the slippery floors at Convention centres.

First you put the insoles into the feet of the zentai and go in with a couple of (old) kung fu slippers.Have someone help you apply adhesive to the outsoles and allign them with the bottom of your feet.Sandwich the zentai between the soles and apply pressure for as long as stated on the adhesive tube.
This is the worrying bit for me

"The only problem I had was that after a few days of constant wear, the fabric got stretched and became floppy"

Think the quality of your lycra might be an issue
What most people do is get some water shoes, then cut a hole in the bottom of the suit's foot. Then you hand sew the foot onto the water shoe along the seam where the rubber sole is.
in my opinion just get some cardboard put it on your floor so the glue doesnt get on your floor then cut up some watershoes get shoe goo glue the fabric to the shoe then tie some string on your foot after 2 hours let it dry for 48 hours straight
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