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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Kdizz, Jul 7, 2015.

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    I am building a raimi spiderman suit and am deciding on how to puff paint the webbing. Do you guy think the metallic black puff paint would look better than the metallic silver? Ive seen alot of people use the silver puff paint but none use the metallic black(for raimi) which is more of a gun metal color. Also whats your opinion on blow drying the puff paint? I dont really like shiney webs and i have read that blow drying the puff paint gives it more of a latex look and matte finish. Does blow drying it loose durability and elasticity?

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    I have nothing to share as far as the color goes, but regarding your question about blow-drying the puff paint--DON'T do it. Take it from personal experience...blow-drying it causes the exterior of the paint to warp and "buckle" since it dries at a much faster rate than the interior of the paint. Air-drying is the way to go.
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    Blow drying the paint "activates" it, which usually means it loses it's tackyness (and depending on what type of puff paint, its shine).

    From what I understand blow drying puffy paint only works on those specifically labelled as Matte, so make sure to buy Matte Puff Paint, a good way to test is to puff paint an area of white un-dyed spandex and see what happens when you blow dry the paint. I've heard some people say the webs will expand when blow dried.

    As far as colour goes it's up to you, but for examples SpideyFit has a Raimi suit with silver Puff Paint and it looks like this. Personally I would go for a really dark grey/silver with the front spider being flat black, but it's up to you. If the Puff Paint you use for the webbing is shiny and you decide to keep it that way it will catch light similar to the movie suit.
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    I used the metallic black on my TASM2 and liked how it turned out, and as others pointed out, let it air dry to get a "shine."
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    i think for the best result, you should mixing colors to get the right color that you want

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