Spiderman and con wristbands!


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Hey everyone, I am going to the Calgary Expo next week and will be wearing a full body spiderman suit. I have been in contact with the people at the con but they are not helping me one bit with my questions. so I was hoping people here could shed some light.

With my costume on and the wrist band on (4 day pass that has to stay on my wrist, it can not be cut) there is no way I will be able to take my costume off while the wrist band is on. It also has to be visible, so it can not be underneath.

Has anyone had to deal with a problem like this? I feel for an expo that is on its tenth year would be more helpful to deal with this?


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this has been my converstion with them. They never really answer my questions or offer help, but will just tell me that my idea won't work.


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When I picked up my weekend passes in Edmonton I explained the same situation to them and instead of getting a weekend wristband they just gave me the individual bands for each day so I could cut them off each night. Since it's the same company I don't see why they can't do the same in Calgary?


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One con I went they had a badge, the other con I went did have a wrist strap. they said it was fine with a full body suit, and to put it under.
I have zippers on my wrists to remove my hand if I need it, no one ever stopped to ask for the band but if ever it needed to be, I would just unzip and show my wrists.


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These are great ideas! thanks guys. I'll probably have to go that route Tjack, but my next suit will definitely have removable hands. This was something I didn't even think of...


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Could you have the band adjusted so that it is loose on your wrist? I'm not familiar with the bands use for this con but most I've seen have holes like a belt so you can have it as tight or loose as you need it. My thinking is set it loose enough that you can slip it on and off but not so loose that it will fall off.


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Put the band on under your suit while having staff write this down/take a polaroid picture of you wearing it.Then show the note/photo when you arrive.
Personally I would never wear a full bodysuit to a Convention without zippers/detacheable gloves (bathroom breaks!).

I hope you can solve this problem :thumbsup and enjoy your stay at the Convention
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